Bob Kemp, 1951, The Netherlands

Getting my degrees at the University of Twente as well as my work as a clinical physicist at the Neurology department of Leiden University Medical Centre (35 years since 1977) and at the Sleep center of the Medical Centre Haaglanden (22 years after I co-founded it in 1992) was an engineers dream. Together with brilliant minds in
electronics, mathematics and physiology I created new practical stuff at the boundary between those fields. Some of our creations still (2014) beat the competition: neuroloop analysis of slow-wave and spindle networks (with implementations), the chin-emg analysis, the European Data Format (EDF and EDF+), sleep monitoring at home with smart ambient sensors, and finally the sleep-lab softwares Polyman and SIS. I published some of all this and uploaded a few full texts that are still important for EEG and Sleep research. In particular the professional organizations that advocate sleep medicine need to implement more of the present physio-mathematical state-of-the-art of which these articles represent a portion.

I have now started a completely new life and retired from work. Looking back for more than 45 years, I am particularly grateful to the following great people that I had the privilege to work with most intensively. During my studies I grew with Frits J K Buesink a practical engineering attitude, with E Willem Grőneveld an intuition for good mathematical theory, and with Fernando H Lopes da Silva the conviction that it was a good idea to combine those in the field of neurophysiology. While doing that in my two jobs, I worked most intensively with Henk A P Blom (neuro-feedback), Jan M Franzen, Teunis van Beelen, Marco J Roessen and the late Ad J M W Janssen (electronics and software), and most recently with my successor Diego Álvarez Estévez (brain-sleep analysis). Together we were brain engineers and we shared the fun to create better and unprecedented sensors, electronics, mathematics and software. Some medical doctors like Al W de Weerd and the late Hilbert A C Kamphuisen saw our potential and substantially facilitated our work. Great support also came from the European Commission that funded quite a few international play-fields where we shared our fun with people like Alpo Värri, Thomas Penzel and Agostinho C da Rosa who are still in the same field, and of course many many others. Thank you all. It was good.

1987: licensed as Clinical Physicist.
1987: Ph.D. on "Model-based monitoring of human sleep stages".
1977: M.Sc. (cum laude) Electrical Engineering.
1968: HBS-B at Streeklyceum, Ede.